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home | Success Stories

Success Stories Of Folks I Have Helped
Paul Hooper-Kelly

Whether you've only discovered the internet this week or been around for a while and haven't quite made it so far, I hope this page will inspire you that it really IS possible to reach the heights ... and quite quickly , too - once you have the right help and advice.

Patterns Patch

John was always the first to seize any new product I produced about internet marketing and he once paid me a very great compliment.

And this is the website he created with my help ...


Now the teacher has been inspired by the pupil, because it was his site that inspired me to transfer my Unfair Advantage Club on to Membergate software.

UPDATE November 2012 …

"From little acorns mighty oaks do grow."

I'm delighted to report that, after several successful years running PatternsPatch, John has built on this success and his internet experience and has formed a new company, MobiFusion.

This provides ingenious solutions for businesses wishing to take advantage of the increasing trend for mobile devices being used to access the internet.

He now works in these markup languages: XML, SGML and HTML, so he could now definitely give ME tips (as you'll probably be able to, as well - and far faster than you might believe possible!)

Here is his new web site...

And the here's a case history that proves - with the right help - you can quickly realize your dream of a working website... even after a long, fruitless search.

London Vacation Secrets:

John had spend a great deal of time and treasure pursuing his dream of an internet lifestyle - even to the extent of flying across the Atlantic to Florida to find out how to do it.

But it wasn't until he was introduced to me by another one of my clients that he finally managed to have his own web site ...

The Best Of Ireland

Ray Storey is Irish, so it's natural that he wanted to create a site devoted to Ireland. LIke John, he had attended several seminars by other internet market 'gurus' before he met me. But - once again - it was me who "Made it happen".