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1-2-1 Coaching

Your Personal One-To-One Coaching Program
Paul Hooper-Kelly

Make no mistake, you'll make far faster progress to your goal if you are coached by an experienced direct marketer. And, with my 51 years in the direct marketing trenches - both off and on line - few folks have more experience.

I will tailor the program to ensure you get the maximum benefit. That's why there is no formal, rigid program.

You have direct access to me by email, which has been proven over many years to b the most effective way, for the following reasons.

  • We can both deal with the emails at a time that suits both of us.

  • If I need to pull out sources and links to answer your queries, that's far more efficiently accomplished if you aren't hanging on the other end of a Skype call.

  • Also, email provides a complete automatic record, which is very handy to refer back to.

    I provide two levels of coaching, based on the number of emails you can send in a month.

    Silver coaching clients get an allowance of 60 emails a month, which works out at three a day, Monday through Friday.

    The monthly fee for Silver Coaching is just $397

    Gold coaching allows for unlimited emails, from Monday through Friday.

    And, also allows for an element of 'done for you', whereby I will tweak any sales materials or content you create, if you so request.

    But that limited assistance does NOT include creating a sales letter, email series or other marketing material for you. These must be invested in at the prevailing rate.

    However, as a valued coaching client, you can invest in these services at the Warrior Special Offer rate for copy writing and other services. And, even if that WSO is currently closed to the general public, you - as a VIP coaching client - can still get in.

    The monthly fee for Gold Coaching is $797.

    As a valued coaching client, you get full, free access to this Unfair Advantage Club, which will give you a valuable grounding in all aspects of internet marketing.

    Please be aware I can only take on very few students at a time. Right now, I can only take ONE Gold Student and ONE Silver coaching student.

    With either program, you can cancel your subscription at any time and owe nothing further. But, please note, under the Distance Selling regulations one-to-one customized tuition, like this. is not eligible for any refund of fees already paid.

    Naturally, I would expect that your good sense and ambition will prepare you to follow the path I suggest for you.

    So please be sure you intend to follow this program through to success, before you start, because I want to make your story one of success!