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How To Dominate LinkedIn's Groups

There are a 100 million plus members on LinkedIn. So you need to drill down to find your ideal target audience. Here's how ...

Leveraging Your FaceBook 'Friend Requests'

Here's a very quick, very simple technique to leverage your FaceBook friend requests to extend your reach and raise your profile - plus proof it really works!

The Secret Of Business Success Direct From Two Of The World's Richest Men

In this short article Bill Gates reveals the three priceless business successs lessons he got from Warren Buffett.

The Black Arts Of Stealth Persuasion

The brutal truth is your prospects are numb from being over-marketed and hit with advertisements morning, noon and night.

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CASE STUDY: How I Got To #1 On Both YouTube And Google In 25 Minutes:

That's not too shabby, considering I, naturally, had no views and the #2 video has been around for five years and had 240,263 views ...

Hand Drawn Videos

Have you seen those amazing videos where the picture and text is created right in front of your eyes?

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How to Avoid Annoying Your Buyers ...

When you convince a prospect to buy something from you, the last thing you want is for them to continue getting your emails, urging them to buy the very thing they've just bought.

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How To Convert .mov Video Files To .mp4
Video Scribe hand drawn videos are ideal for incoprporating into Camtasia 'how to' videos ... but there's a problem. Fear not, because here's the solution . . . keep reading
FACEBOOK MASTER PART TWENTY NINE: You've probably been misled about how to get traffic from Facebook
Paul Hooper-Kelly
Most gurus haven't a clue about how to get traffic from social media sites. So, if you've been told to make friends, converse often and build relationships, chances are you've been misled without this extra bit of . . . keep reading
Why Spin Content?
Paul Hooper-Kelly
Why Spin Content? Article spinning software has gotten a bad press, because folks aren't using it properly. So find out when and how you should use it . . . keep reading

FaceBook's TimeLine changes
Paul Hooper-Kelly
FaceBook's TimeLine changes FaceBook are always making changes, but this one is the BIG Daddy of them all! But here's a quick heads up that will soon get you up to speed . . . . . . keep reading
Supercharge Sales With Your Monkey's Fist
Paul Hooper-Kelly
Supercharge Sales With Your Monkey's Fist When I successfully sold insurance - one of the toughest things to sell - my hero was Frank Bettger. He started off a complete failure, yet went on to sell record amounts of insurance during the Great Depression of the 1930s. And in Chapter 25 of his wonderful book, he tells of something which inspired him to greater heights of salesmanship. . . . keep reading
How To Be #1 On LinkedIn
How To Be #1 On LinkedIn With 68% of the 100 million LinkedIn members using the search facility, doesn't it make sense for YOU to be found high up in the LinkedIn search results? You bet ... So here's a ten minute trick to get you in the first five or six - and maybe even NUMBER ONE . . . keep reading
Your Battle Plan - Phase Two
Once you've built two decent sized mailing lists (one of prospects and one of actual buyers) then - and only then - are you ready to move on to Phase Two of your battle plan . . . keep reading
Your Battle Plan - Phase Three
Congratulations - you're making money on line with your own product being sold by your own army of affiliates, which is expanding the size of your mailing list almost every day. And now you're ready to step up to the penthouse suite of internet marketing by creating the ultimate income-producing asset: a membership site . . . keep reading

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